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Someone asked me a question the other day about how I got interested in the Information Age and the Knowledge Economy. I would have to answer Wired Magazine. Wired was inspired by another hero of mine, Marshall McLuhan. I was first introduced to his writings as an undergraduate student at St. Mary’s University in Texas, and re-introduced many times since-for it takes a while to get on his wave-length and stay there. Wired was avant grad in a fast changing world. It was a publication with far-reaching influence, and not just for business oriented followers of the tech revolution but for designers, graphic arts and many more.

I actually found out about the magazine from an illustrator where I worked, Scott Foresman and Company which is based in the Chicago Area. Janet-the illustrator-had attended the world famous School of the Art Institute of Chicago and worked in the creative design department of our textbook publishing company. Unlike other book illustrators, she wanted to learn all she could about the content and subject of a book so it communicated not only textually but visually. During a break at a national sales meeting, I saw her sitting by herself looking thru Wired Magazine and asked her about it. She said she bought it for the artistic value. It contained some of the most interesting and creative graphic designs anywhere and the articles were not bad either. (A sort of reverse motivation for buying another Chicago magazine which many males claimed we “bought it for the articles”)

On the last page of each edition was the reason I began to buy Wired. It always contained an article by Nicholas Negroponte. Negroponte was the Director of the Media Lab at MIT, a position he held for twenty years and for which he had been recommended by Jerry a.k.a. Jerome Wisner-science advisor for President Kennedy. The articles discussed, in language us mortals could understand, some aspect of the computer age and the digital world. Remarkably, he actually listed his email at the end of each article. In those days, it never dawned on me that I could have sent him an email.

However, it was on the night of the 100th Anniversary of the birth of “The Great Bambino” Babe Ruth, February 6, 1995 when I got serious about what was happening and what was changing. That night Charlie Rose of PBS had Negroponte as a guest on his talk show. Hello digital world! It has been almost eighteen years since then and I hope to share and interact about what has transpired subsequently.

Posted by Anastacio Bueno on 5th October, 2007 | Comments | Trackbacks

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