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The One-Hundred Dollar Laptop

Finally, regarding Nicolas Negroponte, he has committed time and effort to create a laptop for under US$100.00 that could be distributed to underprivileged students around the world by either their own governments,world organizations or individuals like you and me. It is called the One Laptop Per Child OLPC Foundation.

I heard him speak recently on the subject. Negroponte insist that we all remember this is about education not a laptop project. He said the idea for the laptop was an attempt to try and close the digital divide which exist in the world. He wanted every child to have the opportunity to access the Internet and use it as an educational tool, like so many other more fortunate children.

The technical challenges were great. They had to find a way to power the unit with or without electricity. They had to develop a way to give the user access to the Internet without high speed plug-ins or hot spots. The unit is a no-frills, basic tools kind of machine. All the challenges were meet, except for the cost. The unit is US$399.00 right now. Negroponte explained once they begin full production, the unit cost will drop and they hope to get it down to their original target of one hundred. Incidentally, you can buy one right now for US$399.00 and the organization will donate one to a needy child somewhere around the world.

I am more impressed with this man than I ever was before. Many have said over the years that Internet access is the next civil right. Here is someone clearly doing something about it. In a time when so many people on earth live on about a dollar a day, imagine the impact of this educational tool on future generations competing in a global world, an information age and the knowledge economy. Talk about the world being flat!

Posted by Anastacio Bueno on 25th November, 2007 | Comments | Trackbacks

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