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Why should you learn how to be a more effective presenter?

For most of us, presenting to a group, whether small or large, does not come naturally.   Yet the ability to present and communicate ideas is a key factor in the success of any business.

Who needs presentation skills?

Just about everyone.  As Jack Warkenthien, in his book, " Life's A Sales Call: How to Succeed in the World's Oldest Profession" indicates; whether your goal is to persuade your son to take out the trash, encourage a spouse to complete a weekend project, or convince co-workers to consider a new approach to a problem, we are always selling ourselves and our ideas to others.

So everyone in your business can benefit from improving their presentation skills and learning how to get their message across. 

Our courses can be:
  • structured in short segments to easily fit into any work day
  • provided to small groups so attendees get more practice time
  • provided in private one-on-one coaching segments

Content can include:
  • how to structure presentations
  • how to get your message across
  • using appropriate body language
  • using your voice expressively
  • researching presentations
  • selecting visual aids
  • using computers and projectors
  • inspiring people to take action after your presentation

Attendees will learn useful and practical skills for:

Targeting their audience 

Knowing your audience is imperative when preparing a presentation. Try to find out as much as you can about them and then tailor your presentation to their needs.

For example, if your audience don't know much about your industry, try to keep the language and concepts fairly basic. On the other hand, if you're dealing with experienced customers, they may appreciate greater detail.

Practicing their presentation  

The most important part of any effective presentation skills training is practice. Rather than simply reading your notes to yourself, you'll have the opportunity to practice in front of a real audience and develop the confidence to feel more comfortable in the public eye.

Using visual aids  

Using visual aids in your presentation not only looks professional, it can also help people understand your message. A PowerPoint presentation can be used to highlight key points or, or for the less computer savvy, whiteboards and paper handouts can be just as effective.

Benefits of presentation-skills training

  • Through improved presentations, your employees may win new business.
  • There could be a flow-on effect through your organisation, with better communication between employees.
  • Staff will develop confidence in their abilities, making their presentations more effective.
  • Your business will appear more professional to employees and clients alike.
  • Staff are more likely to remain loyal to a business that develops their skills.
Perfect presentations

Good presentation skills can make the difference between confidently getting your message across and losing the attention of your audience (and potentially their business too).

So if your presentation skills could benefit from a bit of polish, contact us today at 210-392-3309.