Trade Associations and Educational Groups

“Today there is no such thing as a low tech Industry.   There are only low tech companies, that is, companies that fail to use world-class technology and practices to enhance productivity and innovation.”--Michael Porter, Harvard Business School

This quote epitomizes the need and urgency for every type of organization, enterprise or educational institution to examine their position relative to modern business models and practices-in light of the Information Age and the Knowledge Economy. 

Trade Organizations: Learn what it means to substitute information for land, labor and capital and thrive in the Information Age.

Educational Groups: Learn what educational institutions, K-12 as well as Universities, need to know about the digital world as it relates to students.

ConeXiones provides professional business speakers who understand what needs to happen in order for businesses and organizations to optimize the use of modern methods and tools to improve productivity and efficiency by staying in touch with customers and stakeholders. 

We find the right speaker so the audience walks away with a plan or strategy and methods by which to advocate for what is needed.