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About Me

I have been reading about and researching the knowledge economy for the last seventeen years. I am
passionate about what businesses’ and enterprises’ must do in order to compete in the Age of Information.
I was part of corporate business for twenty-six years all in educational publishing. I worked for both basal
textbooks and supplemental publishers. They included such giants as Scott, Foresman-now Pearson,
Simon and Schuster, Scholastic Inc. and Harcourt where I served as a Vice-President. Before publishing,
I was an English and History Teacher at the high school level. I earned an M.A, in history. Today, I am
associated with a firm providing technology enabled resources to small and medium-sized businesses in
the U.S. and in Mexico. My knowledge of and interest in being able to study a businesses’ value chain and
analyze that structure in light of modern business models and the means of information substitution for
inputs, gives me an ability beyond most competitive advantages found with any other person today-if you
include my bilingual-English/Spanish-capabilities. I do public speaking on the Information Age and the
Knowledge Economy.