Anastacio Bueno, BA, MA.

Anastacio has turned his whole business working experience into a life-long case study
on how to do business in the Digital Age. He has provided consultation and market development services in the US and internationally.

Topics include: The Age of Information, The Knowledge Economy. The Knowledge Worker in Today’s Economy.
Understanding the transition from the production economy to the knowledge economy. Becoming more
competitive in the Internet Age. 

In his dynamic talk Anastacio points out how to recognize, understand  and apply elements of the Information
Age to make businesses and enterprises more competitive.

Seminars are at the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce's Small Business  Resource Center. Current
topics: "New Rules For Competing in the New Economy" and "How to Compete in the Internet Age". To attend
Anastacio's seminar: Click Here

Anastacio incorporates and then explains the most up-to-date information from the most recent literature on
the Information Age and Knowledge Economy, then connects the information to the audience’s particular
business or sector. The end result helps develop a strategy for advocating change in your organization or
business sector. The vision is to become more productive by accelerating our use of modern business
techniques and the technology-enabled resources available today.

Anastacio has been reading about and investigating the knowledge economy for the last seventeen years. He
is passionate about what businesses’ and enterprises’ must do in order to compete in the age of information.
He worked in the corporate sector for twenty-six years all in educational publishing. He earned an M.A. in history.

Today, he is associated with a firm providing technology enabled resources to small- and medium-sized
businesses in the US, South Asia, Mexico, and Australasia. Anastacio speaks both English and Spanish and his
enthusiasm and presentation abilities leave his audiences energized.

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