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Other programs available:
  • Online Marketing Strategies
  • Secrets to High Google Rankings
  • Secrets to Online Visibility
  • How to Triple Direct Mail Open Rates
  • Customer Data Collection and Management for Non-technical Business Owners
  • Maximizing Direct Marketing Effectiveness

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Feel confident and comfortable in front of groups with Effective Presentation Skills, Business Etiquette and Communication Skills Training.

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For Employers

Helping San Antonio Business empower employees with effective presentation skills, communication skills, business etiquette and customer service programs.

Your employees are always representing your business.  Whether they are calling on customers, answering the telephone or shopping at the local grocery store.  Are they prepared?  Are they representing your business in a positive way?

For Individuals

As your knowledge and experience in a job grows, you will be called upon more often to share this knowledge with business associates, co-workers and even customers. 

Our presentation coaching and effective presentation skills courses is just what you need to be prepared.  You'll benefit from private one-on-one coaching that will put you at ease in front of groups of 3 to 300. 

Business Services for Employee Training

  • Mystery shopping your location to detect customer service opportunties
  • Effective Presentation Skills - small group training
  • Business Etiquette Training
  • What you Communicate with your Body Language

Individual Coaching Services

  • Private one-on-one coaching for general presentation skills improvement or preparation for a specific event.
  • Video taping
  • Materials preparation assistance

Effective Presentation Skills | Communications Skills Training | Body Language

Other topics/talks available from our speakers:


  • Important Trends
     in the Age of Information
  • Knowledge Worker Survival in
     Today’s Economy
  • New Rules for Competing in the 
     New Economy
  • How to Compete
     in the Internet Age

  • Internet Marketing Strategies
  • Secrets to Online Visibility
  • How to Triple Direct Mail 
     Open Rates
  • Customer Data Collection and
     Management for Non-technical 
     Business Owners
  • Maximizing Direct Marketing

  • Strategy: The Foundations 
     of Effective Marketing & 
     Business Development
  • Entrepreneurship- The 
     Survivor’s Skill Set
  • International Competition- 
     Like Never Before in History!
  • Developing Sustainability for 
     Your Business, Organizaton, 
     or Community